In the interior decoration we follow the design stages until the realization and final construction of the project. The primary stage is the Space Study.

We take responsibility for the complete design of a home or business decoration, in which:

  • We are studying the property with an on-site visit
  • We capture your space by taking pictures
  • Existing designs are tested if they exist, otherwise we design them from the start
  • We record the needs of space to move on to the basic design


After the study of the space for the interior decoration, the design follows:

  • The space is further analyzed, as well as the surrounding exterior space, and after meetings with the owner, the final design is shaped.
  • Architectural plans, views, sections, perspectives (where necessary), lighting and construction studies are required if required to complete the design.
  • Upon completion of the final study, the construction of the project can be started.


After the completion of the design, we start the Supervision – Construction of the project for the design and decoration of the house or the professional space.

The supervision concerns the manufacturing process from the beginning to the end, with consistency and responsibility, in order to always keep the budget of the construction and the predetermined delivery times, with proper use of structural (where required) and decorative materials, aiming to create absolute harmony in space and the environment.

The supervision stage includes:

  • Responsible monitoring of ongoing projects
  • Organizing and coordinating the manufacturing process
  • Complete and detailed guidance
  • Micro-projection work of the original study

    During the Supervision, we are in constant contact with the project partners and the owner, so that we guarantee a perfect aesthetic result, perfectly tailored to the budget and the desired delivery times.