You are your home.

Beautiful space is the one in which we feel beautiful. Apart from our lives, a beautiful environment can also change our feelings.

Beautiful design, high aesthetics and timetables as agreed.
Thank you for your taste and taste!

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Fast Service

Points of reference when designing and completing it is professionalism, quality, elegance, functionality, ergonomics and timelessness.

Make it personal

Come to plan your personal or professional space together, according to your expectations and needs for the best possible result.

Possible Ideas

Our basic principle is to make every effort to fulfill the customer’s wishes as well as to respond to its needs and requirements by faithfully observing timetables, budgets and planning.

High aesthetics and professionalism

We and our associates, professionals with experience, solvency and diligence, will work with you to realize as much as possible your ideas and desires.

Exclusive design

A space that is designed with elegance and functionality adds value to our lives and, in addition to making it more beautiful, makes it easier and more comfortable.

Awarded design

Interior Design is simply a way of expression and creation
We present works in residential and country houses as well as in professional spaces.

About Alberta

Alberta has been the owner of Laura Ashley’s delegation in Heraklion, Crete for a long time. As sole owner of the store and its creative department.

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‘Εθνικ απολαύσεις σε μια παραδεισένια αυλή

Ένα riad στην καρδιά της Μεντίνας του Μαρακές ενσαρκώνει όλα τα εξωτικά όνειρα με γωνιές που μοιάζουν σαν να έχουν βγει από παραμύθι.Ο Γκαμπριέλ και…
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Ένα country style σπίτι που θα σου κλέψει την καρδιά

Το αγροτόσπιτο της Karin Nilsson στο Γκότλαντ της Σουηδίας ενσαρκώνει απολύτως ολόκληρη τη φιλοσοφία του Slow Living. Κάθε γωνιά, είτε στον κήπο είτε στο εσωτερικό…
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Kαλοκαιρινή κατοικία στους Παξούς

To σπίτι είναι κτισμένο σε λόφο και έχει μια εξαιρετική θέα στο Ιόνιο Πέλαγος. Μια από τις πεζούλες που κατεβαίνουν σταδιακά μέχρι την παραλία, έχει…

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